Saxton Velodrome - Sunday Track Sessions

Warm up, Bike Fit, Have A Go Session 2pm, Every Sunday
Race Briefing 2.50pm
Racing - Novice, Juniors, Seniors, Masters 3pm
Each session has a structured plan, however, we reserve the right to change this depending on the ability of the riders attending the session.
New to Racing?
For those new to track racing you will need - helmet, gloves, covered in shoes.  Open toed shoes and ill fitting shoes (including crocs) will be NOT be permitted.  Cycle clothing is preferred but not essential.  

Please bring food and drink with you.  The water drinking stations are installed.  For a hot day we recommend you bring 2L water per rider.

What will it cost you?
*More race package options are detailed on our Facebook Page.  Keen and just want to pay us direct?  Make payment to Cycling Nelson NBS 031354  0257780-00 with ref: Surname Sub or Hire or Package.

  • 7 Yrs - U19 Youth
    • $40 Race 12 wks (Members)
    • $40 Bike Hire 12 wks
    • $20 Annual Membership
  • Adult
    • $80 Race 12 wks (Members)
    • $60 Bike Hire 12 wks
    • $30 Annual Membership
  • Casual/Non-Members Juniors
    • $5 per session
    • $10 Bike Hire per session
  • Casual/Non-Members Seniors/Masters
    • $10 per session
    • $20 Bike Hire per session

Conditions of Hireage:
1. Priority will be given to paid up members of Cycling Nelson. 2. The bike supplied is for the sole use of the individual the hire contract is with. The club reserves the right to reissue any of the club bikes throughout the season so as to provide maximum benefit to the club members. 3. Should a rider not race for 2 consecutive weeks without good reason the club reserves the right to reissue that bike. 4. It is the intention of the club these bikes will be primarily for novice riders but a senior rider may apply for a bike if available. 5. The gearing on the bikes is set up to comply with novice gearing. 6. Damage that occurs in a crash will be repaired by the rider contracted to the bike unless otherwise agreed. 7. Bikes are to be returned in the same condition as when allocated. 8. The club will keep storage of the bikes. 9. You will need to bring pedals and shoes. 10. Bike hireage is at the discretion of the committee.