Brailsford: Chris Froome is entitled to a fair process, as uncomfortable as that may be

Team Sky manager Dave Brailsford has complained that he believes “misinformation” has been published concerning the Chris Froome salbutamol case, but declined to issue any correction “because it could jeopardise the whole process.” Brailsford was speaking ahead of stage 1 of the Ruta del Sol in Mijas, where he defended Team Sky’s decision not to withhold Froome from racing pending the resolution of the case, insisting that the rider was entitled to compete. Froome also spoke to the media before starting the Ruta del Sol, saying: "I do believe that when all the facts are out there, I think people will see it from my point of view," he said.ADVERTISEMENT The four-time Tour de France winner returned an adverse analytical finding for salbutamol during the 2017 Vuelta a España, news of which was made public in December. As salbutamol is classed as a specified substance, Froome is entitled to race until the case has been resolved.  “Nobody’s denying it’s a challenging situation but equally I think it’s only fair at this point that everybody abides by the process, and the process totally allows him to race in this situation and that’s what we’re doing,” Brailsford said, noting that Froome’s case would not have reached the public domain had the news not been leaked in December. “Our society is based upon the idea that the worst case scenario is to falsely accuse someone of something they haven’t done. This part of the process should be confidential, let’s not forget. He hasn’t got a doping violation against him and I think that needs to be taken into consideration and we don’t want to falsely accuse people. People can have their own opinions but on balance I think this is the right thing to be doing and we’re happy that we’re here and ready to race.” Lappartient and fair process Not telling the Grand Tour organisers
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